George de Roo hands over to Gerben Donker

From now on, Gerben Donker will be responsible for leading the Hoogeveen-based software and IT company Rovecom, having taken over at the helm from founder George de Roo.

However, George won't be disappearing from the scene entirely. He will continue to be involved behind the scenes as an ambassador at Rovecom and will still take part in the various networking circles on a regular basis. 

New generation

After more than thirty years of entrepreneurship, George felt the need to hand over his carefully built-up company to a new generation. He found his successor in Gerben Donker. Having joined the company nearly twenty years ago and worked in various positions, Gerben - in George's eyes - was the man to successfully continue and develop the company. ‘To me, maintaining the Rovecom culture and work style is essential for the future of the company. Gerben is the man I trust 100% to do that,’ says George.

Continue building

Gerben Donker is a Rovecommer in heart and soul. ‘Nearly twenty years ago, I joined Rovecom as an intern in the agricultural department. At the time, I couldn't have imagined that now, at the age of forty, I'd be at the helm of this amazing and innovative company.’ Over the years, Rovecom has firmly established its position in the agribusiness - particularly with animal feed companies - with standard and customised software.’

‘Rovecom responds to the innovation that this market requires. I'm originally a farmer's son, so I feel a bond with the sector. I know what's important to the sector, but I also look critically towards the future. How can we tackle the problems of the future using our high-tech solutions? That's our challenge,’ says Donker.


Since the start of the company, now more than thirty years ago, Rovecom has become a specialist in the field of software and application development. It has certainly earned its position in the national and international agribusiness as well as serving the green, land and infra sector for many years. More and more SMEs are also finding out about our standard and customised solutions in the field of ICT services and business software. Every day, more than sixty colleagues work on innovations and solutions that help companies move forward.


De Roo: ‘Even before I became an entrepreneur, I wanted to help people. In a way that suits me. I wanted to get people moving, help them move forward, by using my common sense. By coming up with practical solutions to all kinds of questions and problems. Bridge builder between practice and theory. With Rovecom, I've been able to achieve that goal and really added value to various companies. That genuinely makes me happy. I know that Gerben has this DNA too. He has a combination of characteristics that make him the ideal new top man at team Rovecom. Because our people ultimately make the difference.’ Gerben agrees and adds: ‘I'm looking forward to continuing to raise Rovecom's profile at home and abroad, building on George's philosophy: helping people move on with a common-sense approach.’ ‘Because,’ says Donker proudly, ‘I am and will always be a down-to-earth farmer's son from Staphorst.’

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